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A Powerhouse of Health Benefits

A2 Bilona Ghee – A Powerhouse of Health Benefits

Ghee is added in almost every food that is prepared at home because of its health benefits. A spoonful of A2 bilona ghee makes food scrumptious. It is a vital ingredient in almost every cuisine as it adds taste to the food. It is rightly said that A2 bilona ghee is the best nutrient for our body because of the benefits it offers. In this modern era, people do not realize the importance of this ghee. In certain parts of north India, people refer it as Luni ghee.

Preparation of A2 bilona ghee is a slow and traditional process. It is manually prepared without any use of the machine. This ghee is cost-consuming as compare to others available in the market.

Steps how a person prepares A2 bilona ghee are as follows:

  • Firstly, a person boils the desi cow’s milk and then allows it to cool.
  • Secondly, he adds a tablespoon of curd to the milk.
  • Then, he places the mixture at room temperature until curd is formed.
  • After the formation of curd, he churns it properly for extraction of butter.
  • After this, he allows this butter to boil. This is done to allow the water to evaporate.
  • Finally, desi cow bilona ghee is formed.

It is beneficial for the body because it includes all the essential nutrients and fatty acid. It is considered as an old medication for cold, soft skin and cough because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

Some of the vital merits of this ghee are as follows:

  1. It aids in digesting and absorbing vitamins. The fatty acids available in the ghee can be easily broken down into energy by the liver, thereby helping the body to absorb vitamins such as A, D, K and E.
  2. It is healthy because it is prepared manually without the use of any chemical.
  3. Women widely prefer it because of its anti-ageing properties as it helps to keep the cells healthy, thereby making the skin youthful.
  4. The ultimate reserve of energy within the body helps maintain the immunity and effective functioning of the reproductive system. The availability of vitamin A in A2 bilona ghee assists the body in making ojas, thereby reducing the free radicals and enhancing immunity.
  5. It helps in building up the nervous system. It is vital for school going children because of its ability to enhance memory.
  6. It is a pivotal ingredient in herb preparation as it acts as a carrier for the herbs to move inside the body easily.
  7. This ghee is rich in butyric acid, which helps in rebuilding the mucosal walls, thereby diminishing the escape of undigested food material and nourishing the intestinal cells.
  8. It also helps in preventing the body from toxins by dissolving it and allowing it to pass out of the body through the digestive tract.

A2 bilona ghee is not easily available in the market, but one can have a continuous supply with some efforts. Aatman Agro is one such platform which makes it easy for people to buy this pure ghee.

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