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About Us/Who?
Founded in 2017, Aatman Agro Pvt. Ltd. set out itself to be into a niche segment of organic and authentic food products. Our mission is to provide high quality organic and authentic food products in our umbrella brand “Satattva”, to our customers from our farm to their doorstep by bridging the gap between urban and rural areas. Since our inception we have achieved a milestone of creating brand loyalty amongst our customers as we aim not only to deliver best quality food products, but also our values. Our objective is to make our customer reminisce their childhood days by making them experience the essence of our products. We believe in innovating and improving our product range continuously because we feel that “it’s not just food, it’s an emotion”.

We at Aatman Agro offer a curated range of natural and organic food products that consists of 6 different variants of Raw Honey and Gir Cow’s A2 Bilona Ghee, to complement the wellness lifestyle.

We believe that in recent times people in our country have forgotten the importance of Natural and Organic food products, as was emphasized by our ancestors. We aim to promote organic farming in our country to prevent the negative effects of agricultural interventions on the agro-ecosystem. It uses natural fertilizers and practices like crop rotation and intercropping, thereby improving soil structure.

Why “Satattva”?
Knowing the real Truth
“Satattva” meaning kowing the real truth, is the essence of authentic and organic food products.
Organic food is Healthier
We believe that Organic food being natural and whole, is more nutritious than conventionally produced food. Hence, “Satattva”.
Free from additives
Satattva range of food products is free from chemical additives and external preservatives.
Ethical Supply chain
We have an extremely ethical supply chain, because we believe that it’s not just food that we are delivering to our customers, it’s an emotion.
Just a click away
Satattva range of products is just a click away, and we deliver it anywhere and everywhere.
Empowering Rural India
We aim to Empower Rural India because we strongly believe that farmers are the foundation of our country.
Our Founder

Shravan Mantri, aged 25, an Old Dalian, Finance Graduate from NM College & CFA Level 1 is the Founder & CEO of Aatman Agro Pvt. Ltd. He is the energetic driving force behind this idea to pursue his passion for wellness in the society. He is a National level Badminton player and a Certified Fitness Trainer. He feels that his generation has forgotten the importance of fitness and is unaware of what they consume, this is what has motivated him to venture in this wellness mission.