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Ayurvedic Honey – A Perfect Remedy to Relieve Throat Problems

Honey is useful as a medicine because of its health benefits since ancient times. Honey is one of the excellent sources of heat and energy. This form of carbohydrates can be easily digested. Because of the dextrin content, it immediately enters the blood, thereby providing energy to the body. It is considered as the best remedy for those suffering from digestive diseases or has a weak digestive system.

People must take care of their immune system, particularly during late winters as at this time they are more prone to cold, cough and throat problems. People buy ayurvedic honey because it helps a person in providing relief from irritation in the throat, thereby causing a soothing effect by curing the inflamed mucus membranes present in the upper respiratory tract of the body.

Some of the critical benefits of ayurvedic honey are as follows:

  • It improves sleep by eradicating the coughing problem at night.
  • It helps to dip the blood pressure because of its antioxidant properties as high blood pressure may trigger heart diseases.
  • It helps in controlling the cholesterol level within the body.
  • It ensures a smooth flow of blood in the arteries, thus reducing the formation of blood clots, thereby eliminating the chances of a heart attack.
  • It is also useful for healing wounds and burns because of its ability to nourish the tissues.
  • It relieves a person from gastrointestinal pains.
  • It is the best medicine when it comes to coughing, which is a common problem among people of all ages.

A combination of ayurvedic honey, black pepper cinnamon and turmeric is an impeccable remedy to reduce throat problems. Consuming lickable honey helps people eliminate the ache in the throat and strengthen their resilience. The best part of this remedy is that it is tasty to consume. Turmeric acts as a pain releaser because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Black pepper has the ability to fighting respiratory problems, thereby soothing the lungs. Cinnamon is useful because of the medical benefits that it offers. It is an essential ingredient of the remedy in order to give it a sweet touch. This ingredient plays a pivotal role by reducing problems such as cold, sinus congestion and coughs.

To make the recipe, add 1-2 tablespoons of ayurvedic honey, a pinch of finely grounded black pepper, half tablespoon of properly grounded cinnamon and one tablespoon of grounded turmeric in a small container. Mix the ingredients properly and store it in a jar. A person must consume one spoon of this mixture every day to ease scratchy throat.

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