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Ghee Diversity Can Range from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Tamil Nadu!

India is a diverse land with various cultures and heritage. Indian culture is well preserved in terms of its varied lands and its people. India is recognized all around the world for its rich taste and food. The people and their culture vary from one part of India to the other. In this way, a rich diversity of foods is often seen as from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The food staples are also different from the western part of India to the extreme east. However, there are some aspects related to Indian food that remains constant irrespective of our location. It does not matter if we belong to Gujarat or Bengal. It hardly matters if we are in the extreme north or at the extreme south. The thing that matters the most is our love for food.

What is Ghee? What is so special About A2 Ghee?

The clarified form of butter is called ghee in ancient India. Ghee is one of the prime milk-derived products present in the market. Ghee is another name given to the substance that is obtained after simmering the butter. It is usually churned from the top layer of cream. The method by which ghee is churned from the surface of cream is called the Bilon’s method. The churned product is further processed and finished before the ghee is commercially marketed.

We are aware of the simple fact that all the milk-derived products like butter, ghee, and cheese are all derived from cows. There are different species of this animal found all around the world. The milk or the milk products derived from the cows in India is called the A2 desi ghee. You can get hold of some rich A2 desi cow ghee online by placing your orders on specific websites.

Unique A2

  • All milk or milk-derived products contains a special protein called casein. However, the A2 pure ghee is made from the milk of the desi cows. This type of ghee contains milk that lacks the beta-casein protein. Beta casein protein is known to hurt people who are lactose intolerant. A2 desi ghee is said to be healthy than any other varieties of ghee. This ghee contains amino acids that are not generally produced in the body but are essential. This ghee is prepared by hand churning the milk to produce the clarified butter by the Valona process.
  • A2 ghee contains small granules and is hand-churned milk of the cows. The colour and texture of the ghee determine its originality. A low flame is used to make the ghee and has a mind-blowing sell and texture.

The A2 ghee contains more essential nutrients like amino acids as compared to the others that are available. The yellowish tinge in the A2 pure ghee is due to a precursor of vitamin A. This ghee also has certain other nutrients like vitamins B2 and B complex. These vitamins are primarily called immunity boosters. The A2 pure ghee can help in reversing certain health conditions like heart issues, gastric and cholesterols. Want to have gluten and another preservative-free pure ghee? Buy A2 ghee online.

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