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A2 Cow Ghee

Reasons Why You Should Include A2 Cow Ghee in Your Daily Diet

Indian traditions have seen A2 desi gir cow ghee as one of the healthiest milk products. Generally, in most Indian homes, we make ghee made out of cow’s milk. Recently, A2 cow ghee has seen huge popularity in the Indian dairy market. In simple words, it is cow ghee made from A2 milk.

We all are aware that milk is an excellent source of protein. However, ghee is mainly fat, but it does have a very little amount of protein as well. Milk has two types of proteins in it, namely casein and whey. Casein protein comes in different types, one of which is beta-casein. A1 & A2 are, in reality, the two different types of beta-casein that constitute about 30% of total protein in cow’s milk. Since long, in India, the milk produced by cows contained only the A2 form of beta-casein, but nowadays the milk available in local stores mostly contains A1 proteins.

What is the Difference Between A1 and A2 Cow Ghee? 

From their name, it may seem like they are part of the same family, but there is a major difference in their source and health effects and benefits. A2 ghee is the one which is made of A2 milk which has only A2 Beta casein (a kind of protein). This protein type is obtained in the milk of only a few native Indian breed of cows and some other animals like the Indian buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, etc.

Meanwhile, ghee made from milk that contains only A1 beta-casein or sometimes both A1 and A2 beta-casein is known as A1 cow ghee. Almost all commercial dairy products that we use in our daily life contain A1 beta-casein. The capacity of milking of crossbred cows is bigger than desi cow, and thus it is cheaper. In addition, the number of crossbred cows is far larger than desi cows. A2 milk is far better than A1 milk.

The beta-casein in A1 milk has a structure that helps a small molecule called beta-casomorphin-7 to break during digestion. Some studies have revealed that this small protein can give rise to a number of health issues such as juvenile diabetes, autism, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s etc. On the other hand, A2 cow milk is as good, beneficial to health, and easy to digest as breast milk.

What Are Its Benefits? 

Desi gir cow ghee has many health benefits, which are listed below:

  1. is good for skin & hair and delays ageing.
  2. Helps in treating wounds.
  3. Helps Prevents from asthma & migraines & removes insomnia.
  4. Good for massage of joints.
  5. Treats gastric problems.
  6. Lowers blood cholesterol and helps prevent creating blockages.
  7. Good for people who want to shed a few kilos from their body.
  8. Boost immunity.
  9. Good for people who are even lactose-intolerant.
  10. Reduces inflammation.
  11. Ideal for growing kids and expecting women.

We hope this information is helpful. Make sure to include at least 1 tsp of gir cow ghee online in your daily diet owing to its varied benefits for your body and mind.

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