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Ayurvedic Acacia Honey(300 Gm)



Acacia honey (Babul) is a type of honey produced by bees fed on Acacia flowers, hence the name. It is an excellent choice for cooking because of its mild flavour and it mixes easily with liquids and batters. Acacia honey contains bioactive compounds ranging from Vitamins, Phenolic, Flavonoids and fatty acids. It’s highly nutritional with strong antioxidant and immunomodulatory potentials, exclusively collected from nearby villages of Kota, Rajasthan



Buy Ayurvedic Acacia Honey Online at Aatman Agro

There are varieties of honey available in the market and selecting one according to the health benefits it provides can be confusing. Out of many other types, one is acacia honey. It is considered best by many nutritionists all around the world. Many nutritionists suggest people to add this honey to their diet. It is a purely organic form of honey that is collected from the nectar of black locust tree flowers found in North America. Aatman Agro has brought acacia honey for its customers after observing its great number of benefits on health.

Benefits of Acacia honey 

  • Acacia honey is greatly helpful in boosting up the immune system of the body.
  • This honey is also helpful in reducing the blood sugar level of the body.
  • This honey is rich in vitamin C and also has minerals like copper, zinc, calcium, and iron, etc., which work great as skincare.
  • It also helps in reducing body weight if it is taken with water or milk before breakfast in the morning.
  • It is also helpful in preventing chronic diseases.

One should buy acacia honey online to avail the many benefits of acacia honey on the body.

Why choose Aatman Agro’s ayurvedic acacia honey?

Aatman Agro has brought ayurvedic acacia honey for its customers after realizing its great benefits on human health. Our honey is an excellent choice when it comes to cooking. Its mild flavour and consistency make it quite easy to mix up with batters and liquids. Our acacia honey is rich in compounds like phenolic, flavonoids, fatty acids, and vitamins. Its strong antioxidant properties make it highly nutritional for daily consumption. It is collected exclusively from the villages of Kota, Rajasthan.

You must try our ayurvedic acacia honey to have its amazing benefits on the health of the body.


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