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Ayurvedic Ajwain Honey (300 Gm)




Ajwain Honey is produced when bees take their primary nectar from Ajwain flowers. It is a very unique and rare honey exclusively collected from the interior parts of the North-western and Western frontier of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is highly recommended for acidity and constipation and is also known for its antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.



Buy Ajwain Honey Online at Aatman Agro

Ajwain is one of the most used Indian spices, which give an amazing flavour when added to our dishes. Its incredible aroma and unique taste can make anyone want to try it. Ajwain is also used in ayurvedic medicines. It provides many good health benefits as it helps in digestion, relieves constipation, etc. Ajwain honey is a rare type of honey extracted after considering a great number of health benefits of Ajwain. Aatman Agro has brought its amazing product Ayurvedic Ajwain honey for its customers.

Benefits of Ajwain Honey 

  • Ajwain honey has omega 6 fatty acids, which help in providing various health benefits.
  • It helps in treating indigestion and acidity.
  • It also treats sore throat and cough.
  • It also cures toothache.
  • Its anti-bacterial properties help in healing wounds and burns.
  • It is also helpful in normalizing the sugar level of diabetic patients.

People must buy ajwain honey to have a great number of health benefits on the human body.

Why choose Aatman Agro’s Ayurvedic Ajwain Honey?

Aatman Agro is a provider of various natural and organic products. At Aatman Agro, we have brought Ayurvedic Ajwain honey after considering its various health benefits on the human body. Our ajwain honey is 100% pure and unique as it is collected from the interior parts of the north-western and west frontier of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Our honey is made from the primary nectar that bee takes from ajwain flowers.

Benefits of Aatmanagro’s Ayurvedic Ajwain Honey

  • It has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.
  • It works great when it comes to treating acidity and constipation.
  • It helps in healing burns and wounds on the body.
  • It is also highly recommended to diabetic patients as it helps in lowering down the sugar level.

Buy our ayurvedic ajwain honey and enjoy various health benefits.


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