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Ayurvedic Neem Honey(300 Gm)




Neem is considered to be the Miraculous Panacea since the inception of mankind. We bring you Neem Honey in its most natural form, preserving all the delicate and health promoting enzymes derived from its flower essences, exclusively collected by indigenous tribes in the dense virgin forests of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. It is highly recommended for skin conditions, allergies and canker sores

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In Ayurveda, honey is the most valued item as it contains a miraculous number of nutritional and medicinal properties. It is a natural sweetener that alone provides many health benefits, but when it is combined with the neem properties, it will work wonders for the health of the human body. Considering this amazing combination, Aatman Agro has brought neem honey for its customers as it works miraculously well on human health.

What’s special in Aatman Agro Neem Honey?

Aatman Agro is the manufacturer of natural and organic products. We provide honey in its pure natural form. Our neem honey is collected by indigenous tribes of the forest regions of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Our Neem honey has the following features:

  • Aatman Agro’s neem honey is 100% natural and unheated, which helps in preserving all the necessary nutrients of the product.
  • Our honey is good in taste, and it provides various health benefits due to its amazing medicinal properties.
  • Our neem honey is made with cruelty-free methods.
  • It has a dark brown colour, which gives a dark toffee taste.

Customers must buy neem honey as it works amazingly on skin infections and allergies.

How can you use our ayurvedic neem honey?

It is advised that people should regularly consume this honey as a part of their healthy lifestyle. You can take a teaspoon in the morning before breakfast and at night before bedtime. You should not mix this honey in any hot beverage as it would take away its natural nutritional properties.

Our honey would work great in healing wounds and rashes as it contains many antibacterial properties. It is also good in treating internal infections and various other health concerns. So, people must try our ayurvedic neem honey to reap all its amazing benefits for health.


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