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Satattva Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee (1L)




We at Aatman Agro hosts and nurtures the breed of Desi Gir Cows which originates from the forest regions of Gujarat. We believe that freedom is the birthright of every living being and that applies to cows as well. The free-range Gir Cows enjoy their days roaming and grazing the pastures.


Satattva Ghee is made using the Ayurvedic process of making ghee. A2 milk is converted into Curd which is then hand-churned by a bilona to make makkhan. This makkhan is then boiled to get pure bilona hand churned desi ghee.



Sattatva Desi Gir Cow A2 Ghee – 1 litre..

Cow ghee is the most used kitchen item in Indian households from ancient times. It is used in almost all Indian dishes. It not only complements the taste of food items but also works great on the health of the body. Cow ghee works amazingly well in maintaining the cholesterol level of the body, improves the brain’s health, and also gives a dewy look to the skin. Aatman Agro has brought pure Satattva A2 cow ghee for its customers. The customers can buy online satattva ghee 1l to have its incredible effects on their body.

Why should satattva desi cow ghee be consumed?

Aatman Agro’s satattva desi cow A2 ghee provides the following benefits to the human body:

  • Our satattva desi cow ghee is great in treating burns and wounds of the body.
  • It helps treat gastric problems.
  • It also helps in preventing blockages.
  • It boosts up the immune system of the body.
  • It is ideal for consumption by growing children and pregnant women as it gives all healthy nutrition to their bodies.

Why choose Aatman Agro’s satattva desi cow A2 ghee?

Aatman Agro has brought the amazing Satattva ghee for its customer. Our ghee is pure and made with the help of an ayurvedic process. Our ghee is made from the A2 milk converted into curd, which later gets hand churned to makhan by a bilona. The Makhan later gets boiled to obtain desi A2 ghee. This is how the purest satattva ghee is made at Aatman Agro. The customers must try our pure satattva ghee to have its amazing benefits on the health of the body. The expecting mothers and growing children must add this ghee to their diet as it is really helpful for the growth of the body.


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