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Things to Keep in Mind While Replacing Sugar for Honey

There has been a lot of research done to find a healthy sugar substitute. And a lot of attention is shifted towards honey as it has a lot of health benefits. Honey is naturally made and is one of the best alternatives to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Although honey is still high in calories, it is made up of glucose and fructose, which are natural sugars and are good for health. Honey is produced by honeybees, and it is also possible to make a pure honey online purchase easily.

Honey is usually less processed than sugar and usually has more nutrients, where sugar only has empty calories. It is full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. Honey has medicinal properties too. It is used in Ayurveda to consume medicine along with it. Sometimes it is used for allergies, to reduce cough, and to heal wounds. Honey is known to improve the skin texture and heal them too.

Things to remember when you are substituting sugar with refined sugar

It is not the same to use honey in the place of sugar. You need to keep in mind a few things while using honey in your recipes.

Use less honey

Honey is much sweeter than sugar. So, when you are substituting sugar with honey, make sure you use less honey than the amount of sugar you use. Unsaid rule is to use half or 3/4th cup of honey in the place of one cup of sugar. But this changes in the place of brown sugar. You can use an equal amount of honey in the place of brown sugar. These days, it is possible to make a good quality honey online purchase without much search.

Make sure to use non-stick measuring cups

Since honey is thick and sticky, try to use non-sticky measuring cups to get the measurements right.

Add baking soda

To the recipe, add a little baking soda. Too much acid stops the rise of baked goods, and honey’s natural acidity can pose a problem. If baking soda is not already in the formula, to prevent complications, add half tsp.

Use less liquid

Mostly honey itself is made of water, so if you are using honey in recipes apart from adding them in juices and teas, it is better to reduce the amount of water you add since honey retains more moisture.

Cook in low temperature

When baking, honey makes the food brown up faster so, make sure you cook it at a low temperature. Also, it sometimes caramelizes quickly than sugar and burns the food.

Use the best honey

The darker the colour of honey is, the stronger it tastes. So, it is important to choose the right honey based on your taste. But no matter what honey you choose, get natural ones.

You can easily buy honey online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Knowing the amazing benefits of honey, it is important that everyone starts making a wise choice and start replacing refined sugars with natural honey.

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