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Gir Cow A2 Ghee

Satattva” signifies the real essence of organic and authentic food which  has always been our vision. We aim to deliver the truest and purest form of  food to our beloved customers, as we believe that it is not just food it is a  blessing from our “Mother Earth”.

Our Gir Cows

We at Aatman Agro believe that in recent times people in our country have forgotten the importance of Desi Cow’s Bilona Ghee as was mentioned by our ancestors. Many organizations have now come forward for recreating awareness for Desi Cow’s Milk Products in our country and we aim to be the part of that mission by providing 100% natural Desi Cow’s A2 Bilona Ghee to our customers and recreating awareness amongst the people of our country about the vedic importance Desi Cow’s Bilona Ghee. We aim to motivate the farmers of our country for rearing Desi Cows by showcasing them its economic benefits.

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