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Founded in 2017, Aatman Agro Pvt. Ltd. set out itself to be into a niche segment of organic and authentic food products. Our mission is to provide high quality organic and authentic food products.

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We at Aatman Agro offer a curated range of natural and organic food products that consists of 6 different variants of Raw Honey and Gir Cow’s A2 Bilona Ghee, to complement the wellness lifestyle.

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We believe that in recent times people in our country have forgotten the importance of organic and natural food, as was emphasized by our ancestors. We aim to get back to basics and deliver
our Vedic roots to the people across the globe.

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Satattva Ghee is the one that comes closest to what I make at home, in terms of texture, taste and smell. It is not slimy or oily, which is how pure ghee should be. I would, and do, recommend them highly to people who’ve been hearing about the health benefits of using ghee, but are afraid of adulteration or worse.
Mrs Dipali Lalvani Mumbai
We have been using Satattva Gir Cow's Bilona Ghee since a very long time and the quality of Ghee is not only excellent but it's very consistent as well. Most importantly they never compromise in customer service.
Mr Snehal Shah Mumbai
I can't seem to find a better quality of A2 Bilona ghee and raw honey other than Satattva. Apart from their product quality, their customer service is phenomenal as well.
Mrs Shreya Maheshwari Indore
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Satattva Desi Gir Cow A2 Ghee
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Your Ultimate Destination for 100% A2 Bilona Ghee and Honey Products!

Living in our modern society, we often succumb to unhealthy lifestyle choices that affect our bodies negatively. When it comes to maintaining healthy food habits, we are consistently failing. From resorting to fast foods to irregular meal timings, we hardly care about our food. When coupled with stress, emotional imbalance, and less physical work, we make room for a plethora of lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on.

In order to reverse the effects of our unhealthy lifestyle patterns, Aatman Agro is working on its niche to provide authentic and high-quality organic food products under its umbrella brand “Satattva” established in 2017. We have a dream to make organic products accessible to everybody across the country. With high regard for quality, we produce every product at our farm to deliver to your doorstep.

In a world that glorifies fast food, Aatman Agro is committed to doing its bit to bring organic products into the limelight. Our rural communities are blessed with a lot of potentials, which most of us fail to materialize. At Aatman Agro, we tap into this potential reservoir and showcase it to the public, bridging the gap between urban and rural communities.

With quality as our primary objective, we take necessary measures to ensure that every food product we sell is the best. Through our relentless hard work, we have successfully created a loyal following amongst our customers who trust our products.

At Aatman Agro, we try to bring you closer to your childhood memories through our 100% genuine food products. With an eye for innovation and creativity, we continuously try to evolve and enhance our products to give you the experience and quality you deserve.

Our Products

We offer desi cow bilona ghee and curated range of raw and organic honey online, produced at our farms.

Ghee – Satattva A2 Bilona Ghee comes in two different sizes to cater to the needs of your family. Produced from the milk of Desi Gir Cows, hand-churned A2 bilona ghee online is available to everyone who doesn’t want to compromise on the taste and quality of pure ghee.

Honey – Satattva Ayurvedic Honey comes in six different variants:

  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Jamun Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Multifloral Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Neem Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Ajwain Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Acacia Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Tulsi Honey

You can also try out our Honey Tester Set.

In recent times, our country has forgotten the true importance of organic foods, which are often referred to as the food of our ancestors. By adopting organic farming methods, we not only make natural products available to you but also try to prevent the harmful effects of agricultural interventions.

If you wish to switch to a healthier lifestyle, start with your food. Get the best honey and gir cow ghee online at Aatman Agro for a healthier living. Start browsing today!